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Siara is a passionate advocate for equity and justice in Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities, with a deep commitment to empowering Black women through culturally conscious and dignified care. Her journey began as the youngest daughter of a healer, empath, mover, shaker, and wanderer. After settling in Washington, DC, Siara dedicated herself to producing pro bono documentary films that celebrate America’s diverse culture. Siara independently studied carpentry which led her to work alongside the construction crew at Richmond Habitat for Humanity where she was able to contribute her skills to an establishment dedicated to helping BIPGM build generational wealth through homeownership. In 2020, she found solace in her mother’s rural West Virginia farm, where she honed her carpentry skills and delved deeper into the healing power of plants and herbs and ancestral ways of knowing.

Soil Hued Mojo was born out of Siara’s unwavering belief that Black women deserve equitable healthcare. She envisions a world where Black women can proactively tend to their well-being by embracing ancestral practices. As an avid advocate for BIPOC rights, Siara is driven by her role as a mother, thrifter, taste tester, old house lover, healthy skeptic, and proud introvert.

2024 Focus Areas

We are incredibly grateful for the abundance of blessings that came our way in our startup year. It was a year filled with remarkable opportunities and achievements, some planned and others pleasantly unexpected.

As we enter the next chapter, we are excited to announce the launch of our website, the convenience of online ordering, and the expansion of our gardens and product line.

Our primary focus for the upcoming year is answering a crucial question: How can we better support the natural and holistic needs of the community we serve?

Through our partnership with Mountain Heritage Trails and the Mountain Women Collection, we actively engage in creative community conversations, delving into the experiences, challenges, and aspirations of birth workers from struggling populations. At Soil Hued Mojo, we proudly blend ancestral wisdom, the healing power of plants, and a deep commitment to providing equitable, culturally conscious, and dignified care for BIPGM women. We invite you to join us as we honor our heritage and empower women to reclaim their well-being and the well-being of their families.

Together, let us cultivate a world where every woman feels supported, nurtured, and celebrated. Let’s sow the seeds of growth and thrive, hand in hand.


Siara is knowledgeable about her products and their use!

Nancy S.

I absolutely love the calmness that comes over me when I take your chamomile tincture. I take it every night.

Shonda G.

I love, love, love everything I've gotten from you!

Whitney G.

I've been using 'Butts & Bosoms Balm' religiously after nursing my baby. This salve has saved me!

Brooke R.

The Yarrow Spritz really works on my razor bumps. I've used multiple products but with this, my razor bumps are no more! It has a cooling and healing effect on my sensitive skin.

Byron G.

I've been using the beard balm and love how it softens and moisturizes. It smells great too.

Jayden J.


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